The Team

We are an ensemble of insane people with the impending need for "Khujli"

Not. Maybe. 🙂

Founded in 2009, TRIP Creative Services consists of experienced professionals dedicated to providing high quality communication design services to our customers. Besides consultants and advisors our in house team consists of Designers, Directors, Animators, Producers and Developers.

  • Prateek Sethi

    Communication Designer, AKA “Sethi"

    "We must save the world, but first! Quickly to the lil buffalo's room!" - Ancient Comic Saying. Prateek after working with many TV networks as designer, producer, director and as talent himself, decided to expand his horizons and do more with his time. Thus began this journey.

  • Manoj Wad

    Advisor, Legal

    Manoj Wad acquired his LLM from Cambridge University, riding a wave of academic achievements. Mr. Wad is one of the founding partners of the firm JS Wad & Co. He has 20 years’ experience of both litigation and consultancy work in the field of corporate law. For Trip, he is the advisor of all legal wisdom and guidance, springing from an exhaustive and celebrated career.

  • Deepak Patil

    Company Accountant, AKA "Ask Deepak!"

    Deepak's experience in the numbers game is the gentleman logic behind all the creative madness.

  • Pratik Asolkar

    Communication Designer, AKA "Pratik"

    Pratik is a biker. He loves the open road and the thrill of the Outdoors. With his major in motion graphics and animation, he is an integral part of the team.

  • Arun Kishor

    Communication Designer, AKA "Comrade"

    Arun is a talented artist, Illustrator and budding animator. His unique perspective adds an interesting dimension to the workflow. Comrade Arun is our Agent47.

  • Pranoy Pal

    Junior Communication Designer, AKA "Dr. Debu"

    VR geek, IT fiend, gamer, graphic designer, moonlighting student of animation and tinkerer who loves feviquick. Talkative with a smile and "go get em!" attitude.

  • Rishikesh Waje

    Junior Communication Designer, AKA "Sab Kuch"

    Young skilled Animation Film Designer with a knack for amassing multiple difficulty kills in gaming. Sab kuch ko sab kuch pata hai!

  • Vijay Ubale

    Production Assist, AKA "Perry the Platypus"

    The backbone of our daily office working. Usually missing or on top secret missions unknown to us. 🙂