Philo Sophy

We believe in India. We are proud to be Indian. Yeah our country needs work but so does everybody else. Our initiative is a toast to modern India, planet earth and mans constant need for evolution.

We believe in the ordinary extraordinary! By our birthright to speak out and question, we believe and shall propagate good design (by our aesthetic set and understanding) in our never ending quest for growth and mental prosperity. Never shall we give falsified, glorified, glamorised or downright unethical information. It might be gritty, ugly or even rash, but it will always be “real”. We believe design is solving a problem. Providing the solution is not merely a  superficial aesthetic. We design to serve a purpose/idea.

Our community of talent from India and patriots around the World are consistently and directly involved in the content and vision of TRIP, the projects we undertake and a better future for all of us!

Poetry for the potty headed! Send us anything. We are insane… behind a cage, we promise, we don’t bite 🙂